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Synthesist, Recordist, Visualist, Connector, Teacher

Lasered Palo Santo for Peregrine in Bull Moon

Lasered Palo Santo for Peregrine in Bull Moon

25 April 2020 would have been my MFA thesis show opening at the Cohen Gallery in Alfred, New York. A global pandemic altered my plans. The video synthesis shown in this live performance documentation would have been projected onto the rear wall of the gallery. Show attendees would have been able to partially see this video upon entering the Cohen Gallery. To view the video in full, attendees would have had to pass through a hallway lined with large-scale prints of birds of prey “skins” from the collection of Environmental Studies at Alfred University. The wing image being processed in the video is from a first-year Peregrine falcon found dead at the corner of Satterlee Hill Road and State Route 21 in Allegany County on 16 October 2019. This immature male did not survive his first migration from the tundra of Northern Canada to South America. Postmortem measurements and weight suggest that he was malnourished. It is hypothesized by the Environmental Sciences faculty that in his eagerness to feed, he lost track of his environment and was struck by a moving vehicle. This performance, part of a continuing ritual to honor and remember lost life through image, sound, story, and movement, took place during the April New Moon. Live audiovisual synthesis performance video documentation of wall projection installation. (Color, stereo sound). Voltage-controlled generation of heat and smoke processed through a photonics laser feedback path which influences motion and color of resultant synthesis/animation. Palo Santo, modular audiovisual synthesizer, RGB CV-controlled laser. ERD/BREATH, ERD/LICHT, RGB Laser, Erogenous Tones Structure, LZX video synthesizer, Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda & Polivoks filter.
Consulting The Oracles: Analog | Digital Cleromancy

Consulting The Oracles: Analog | Digital Cleromancy

Consulting The Oracles is a collaborative performance of Leslie Rollins & Eric Souther that engages myriad agencies of the I Ching through interactions within analog/digital sound and visual systems. During the performance, Leslie manipulates and counts with traditional yarrow stalks to consult the oracle, a meditative process which in time, builds one of sixty-four possible hexagrams. The performance uses an analog-video synthesizer to enhance and expand video feedback (created with a video camera and CRT TV), which is partially controlled by an infrared sensing array placed in front of Leslie during the consultation. His analog stream is mapped onto three-dimensional shapes of Chinese ideographs associated with the trigrams and hexagrams. These digital generated shapes are manipulated in real-time via a hand tracking sensor. The hand and digital shape share the same X, Y, & Z spatial relationships combining in organic live animation coaxed from Eric's performance. This animation is composited on top of the consultation via a web camera allowing for digital and physical entanglements as the process enfolds. Consulting The Oracles: Analog | Digital Cleromancy is a collaboration between Leslie Rollins & Eric Souther. Documentation excerpts of performance 20–23min, performed at the Performing Media Festival, 2018. Thank you to Tim Stoneberg (Autumn Drones) for contributing to the soundscape in this performance. Download/stream original audio source here:

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